Les Mills - Kranked

Kranked is a less structured (but certainly not less intense) cycling class.  You will build endurance and cardiovascular strength as your instructor challenges you  through sprints, hills and even a few mountains!  You will never know what's coming next, as you exercise to an eclectic mix of music from pop to punk and heavy metal to techno. 


How does KRANKED benefit me?

  • Increase your cardiovascular fitness
  • Burn fat
  • Tone and shape your legs, hips and butt
  • Increase leg strength and muscular endurance without building bulk
  • Release endorphins to leave you feeling great


How fit do I need to be to take KRANKED?


You have the ability to control the intensity of the workout, which means riders of all capabilities can work out together. The more you ride, the fitter you’ll become.


How often should I do KRANKED?


If you do KRANKED two to three times per week you’ll feel fitter, stronger and leaner.


What do I need to bring/wear to KRANKED?

  • Comfortable workout clothes. Cycling shorts will make the ride more comfortable, but they’re not essential.
  • Gym shoes. We recommend cycling shoes, but check with your instructor if you need more specific help.
  • Drink bottle.
  • Towel. You’re going to get sweaty!