Ladies Bootcamp

"Buff & Tough"

This is not an aerobics class!  It's an indoor/outdoor fitness program that will make you sweat, push your body beyond the norm and most importantly achieve amazing results!

Oh, and did we mention you'll have FUN too!!

Increase...                Decrease....    
Endurance   Inches
Strength   Weight
Speed   Stress
Agility   Body Fat
Self Esteem   Tension
Flexibility   Fatigue

Next 6 Week Session Runs:

February 24 - April 7  2018

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Program Details:

When:        6 Week Program
Times: 60 minute sessions (choose  sessions 3 per week)
  Choose your time:

Monday/Wednesday - 4:15pm


Tuesday/Thursday - 6:30pm

  Saturday - 7:15am (Everyone Attends)
Cost: GH&F Members $149 (includes fitness classes)
  Non-Members $189 (includes full club access and fitness classes)



What is Boot Camp?

This is NOT an aerobics class!  This is an indoor/outdoor fitness program that will make you sweat, push your body beyond the norm and most importantly, achieve amazing results.  Boot camp is a results-driven strength & conditioning program that gives you three great 60 minute workouts per week.


What if I never worked out before, or haven't worked out in a while?

Don't worry.  Boot Camp is designed for all fitness levels - whether you exercise daily or haven't worked out in years.  All activities are structured so that you can choose the appropriate intensity for your fitness level.  No one will be asked to complete more than they are capable of doing safely, nor will anyone go home unchallenged.


What if I can't perform a particular exercise?

Again, don't worry.  We will give you modified, low-impact exercises as an alternative.


What is the cost (investment in me)?

The cost is $149 per 6 week session for Gettysburg Health & Fitness Gym Members and $189 per 6 week session for non-members.  Working 3 times per week with a personal trainer (all instructors are Certified Personal Trainers) would cost between $390 and $520.  Boot camp provides the intensity and attention of a personal training session with the motivation from a group environment.  You get the best of both worlds at a fraction of the price!


How long is the program and what is the schedule?

Each session lasts 6 weeks with one week off between sessions.  If there is inclement weather - driving rain, thunderstorms, etc. - we will conduct activities indoors at Gettysburg Health and Fitness.  During the winter months, typically December through March, session are held indoors at Gettysburg Health And Fitness.  Othwerwise, sessions are held outdoors at various locations in the Gettysburg area. 


60 minute sessions are held Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.

Choose 1 session each day:

Mon/Wed 4:15pm

Tues/Thurs  6:30pm

Sat 7:15am (everyone attends)


Are there make-up sessions?

There are no "make-up" sessions.  However, if you know you are going to miss our workout, feel free to attend one of the other workouts that day (i.e. if you typically attend in the morning and cannot make it one morning, attend the evening workout that day.  Just let instructors know so that they are expecting you.)


What is a session like? What should I expect?

Our program is continuously being developed to keep motivation levels high.  No two workouts will ever be the same.  Not only is that a mark of a well-designed program, but it also prevents the boredom that many people experience after committing to a long-term fitness regimen.


Each session is one hour in duration.  It begins with a good warm-up - consisting of calisthenics and total body flexibility exercises to prepare your system for the upcoming session, followed by a workout that combines strength, agility, cardiovasuclar endurance and flexibility exercises and ending with exercises to cool the body down.


Will you yell at us?

We only yell motivating, positive affirmations.  We convince, we do not confront.  Our goal is to keep you focused on the task at hand, not to abuse or harass you.


Will I be sore?

Most people fell soreness for the first 2 -3 days.  After that point, it is slight to moderate.  It's part of the process that lets you improve!  Don't focus on the discomfort. Focus on the fact that your body is responding and you are getting results!  We shake it up so that workouts don't get stale, and your body will change as a result. 


What will I get out of it?

Dramatic improvements in your physical well-being and self confidence.

Increased strength and endurance.

Loss of inches and a firmer body.

Motivation and inspiration from your coaches and fellow participants.

Weeks of fun, energizing activity.



How/When do I enroll?

Call us at 717-334-4777, or see our front desk staff.